Thanks for the Gift of Life!!

Creations of the heart are blooming like flowers in the field.

The wonders of nature are entwined everywhere.

My spirit overflows. Footprints of the piper are sealed

In the pristine dunes while the echo of the wind

Unfolds whispering melodies.

Dreamland begins to roam freely...

Hear me coming as I go.

I am the wind, the trip into the mist, the sea...

Hear the echo of voices, the heartbeats of waves crushing

On the sand, as I leave my footprints on the land.

Hear the roaring thunder, for my crying is just a reminder.

Please, let the world be and set them all free!!



Thursday, January 6, 2011


One day in the fall, a long time ago,
There was a young girl full of dreams.
She set out on a journey to freedom's land.
Her high goals reached out to the moonbeam.
She met a young boy who asked her to marry him
With the promise of an everlasting love.
Soon, they had a beautiful baby,
And her heart was full of joy.
Her prayers were answered from God up above.
As so many years had gone by,
All things had turned into blues on her way.
Her broken heart was so scared and much in despair,
She would have to part again in a day,
For her loved one planned to slaughter her,
Fold a snowy blanket, and with a blade skin her fur.
Once conspiracy was set to hurt them.
Reaching safety, they would be led to join.
Mother and child felt as if they were under
A death sentence that was chasing to be,
But only God's living miracle set them all free.
She took her child to safety with her mom and dad.
They said, "Domestic Violence, Cruelty and Abuse
Had taken its toll..."
"Well, we'll take care of your baby, our grandchild.
Go ahead, get a job, you've got a child to support,
And at anytime you can call."
But one day, it seemed too soon,
God called her mom and dad to the eternal lane.
Big mother and her child cried an ocean.
Mama'd listen to songs of her soul
as a weeping devotion.
Then, they were alone on the road again.
She raised her child alone in places away from home,
Teaching love and respect with lasting moral values.
They both traveled and struggled the hardships
With little or no clues.
Mom and child were on the road again,
But none of mama's teaching was learned in vain.
Now, big mama is a proud grandmom.
Her only offspring pours out her harvest,
For three times she has given birth.
Big mama is finally happy,
For she's planted her good seeds on this Earth.
Author's Note: This poem is dedicated to those victims, especially women with children, who suffer from Domestic Violence, Cruelty and Abuse.
I hope and pray that God will help them one day.
And that day will be justice for all. God have mercy!!