Thanks for the Gift of Life!!

Creations of the heart are blooming like flowers in the field.

The wonders of nature are entwined everywhere.

My spirit overflows. Footprints of the piper are sealed

In the pristine dunes while the echo of the wind

Unfolds whispering melodies.

Dreamland begins to roam freely...

Hear me coming as I go.

I am the wind, the trip into the mist, the sea...

Hear the echo of voices, the heartbeats of waves crushing

On the sand, as I leave my footprints on the land.

Hear the roaring thunder, for my crying is just a reminder.

Please, let the world be and set them all free!!



Monday, December 14, 2015

Today's Thought & a Prayer.

Today's post is the last one for this year 2015. 
I'll see you next year, if that is Only God's Will.
There is a great agony to bear an untold story inside your heart, especially if you have been a victim of unfair situations. Yes! I would like to tell my story....
When I was in High School, my uncle, the oldest brother of my mother -who was a Professor of Physics- told me an interesting piece of wisdom. He said, "When one is in the center of -or interacting with- an electromagnetic field, one has to cast a wire back to earth in order not to get electrocuted."
Our brains have got neurons which are connected with the rest of our human body cells generating a close interaction in a so- called form of electricity. If eveything in our body works correctly, we'll be in harmony with our mind, body and spirit. We'll be invaded with stress disorders when harmony breaks down. Stay in harmony for your good health! So stay away from stress, find your way to achieve the feeling of self-respect and self-worth.
I nestle my Christian heart in selfless acts of kindness worthy enough to generate many good friends. My poetic garden may run dry alone without the nourishment, the essential nutrition of true friendship.
I was underneath the blade slowly dying, yet the Lord rescued me. I'm certain that I'm only a temporary passenger, a citizen of this fleeting world, yet an ambassador for my heavenly home.
My thoughts are reminders from God that while I live in the world with government leaders, controlled by political powers, so my view is to keep my eyes and heart fixed in spiritual values, God's Heavenly Kingdom, 
which comes first as my primary focus. 
My ultimate patriotism is a heavenly one with Jesus, our Lord and Savior God.
I certainly wouldn't cast stones when I don't know the entire story or circumstances. I think evil energies keep taking over human bodies and minds. WAKE UP!! SPEAK UP WHATEVER YOUR GOOD HEART HOLDS. 
Corruption is like a shadow that could be hiding behind every wall.
Corruption is like a snowball rolling from the mountain summit -getting bigger and bigger- falling down to the valley.
Corruption is worldwide like a tsunami, a huge ocean wave devastating everything in its deadly path. Generally speaking, corruption could be as deadly as the weight of water that could sink the big ship.
"Who thinks will escape God's Judgement?" (Romans 2:3)
"The truth will set you free." (John 8:31-32)
Jesus said to those who believed in Him, "If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth."
Today's Prayer.
Dear Jesus,
I am so sorry if I have offended You. I ask You for Your forgiveness.
Open my eyes Lord, so that I shall see who are my real true friends, plus show me the names of my foes. I love You, Heavenly Father. Thank you, Jesus for loving me!
Today, I pray for the loveless lonely ones, for the poor, grieving, depressed, angry, confused, sick, homeless and hungry.
Lord, show them the way to find whatever they need, whatever they are searching for, especially hope, peace and love in You, Father.
In Jesus' most Almighty Name, I pray. AMEN.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today's Thoughts.

Dear Readers, I share my thoughts for today. 
At times, we are overburdened going through hardships, and the outlook of the tempest pounds in our lives so hard pouring out its most bitter path. As we may row alone in a raging sea of life, or as we may feel trapped inside a tunnel without an end, we surely know that if we trust the Lord with all our hearts, He will embrace us with His loving arms, pick up our weary bodies, and uplift our hearts with the power of His healing love.
There is always sunshine after the rain. There is no need to get hurt, for each dawn gives us a new gift of life. If we look into our hearts, we shall find our dear Lord, Jesus dwelling there with His Almighty care. We ought to find a new turning point after the turmoil that makes us weary. The dazzle of the new daytime brings new hope into my lonely heart, and whispers mountains of wisdom that there will be a much better tomorrow ahead of me. God's promise will remain the same. These kind of thoughts really cheer me up.
Jesus said: "I am the vine, you are the branches." (John 15: 5)
True love recognizes no barriers, and penetrates walls to arrive at its final destination. When you find true love, it feels like touching the sky up above...
Lifetime true relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the living being, put whatever you have learned, use it in all other relationships and areas of your life.
I found the power of true healing and unconditional love in animals.
This challenge will bring new hope, something new to do in our lifetime...
Praise our dear Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior! God, Have Mercy!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Crying for the World as it is nowadays...

Crying for the World as it is nowadays...
Plant a seed of love
In every heart, in every face...
Show compassion throughout your day.
Be the voice of the voiceless along the way...
Take a look around at the world,
Please, tell me what you see...
´Cause it breaks my heart to find
Tons of tears and misery.
Jesus gave His own life on the Cross for our sins.
There is no greater love than His unconditional love.
I cried all the tears.
Blood of my veins was shed to the sea.
My heartbeats could hardly go on...
I couldn't stand the pain. I was in agony.
So, move your footsteps towards your destiny.
Celebrate life with your gentle family!
Build your dreams over freedom grounds and more.
Find your way where there's still an open door.
Author: Poet Starry.
Peace be with you, dear readers.
God may bless you all.
Until we write again.

Monday, September 7, 2015



MEMORY LANE. (PART 3) Life repeats itself in the course of history in the form of similar patterns with a chain of actions sustained by cause and effect results. As a freelance writer, poet, blogger, lyricist, artist, I would like to write and publish my life stories in brief -in order to explain and clarify some events that happened in my family history. In my previous post I wrote...
The future would be ahead of me, and I would be the one to orquestrate and build a stairway to Heaven, not only for me, but also for my generations to come ahead. As soon as I stepped on American soil, my life would never be the same again. I fell in love with the American people and way of life! Well, I planted my seeds, my flowers, my poems and songs, my thoughts, my true love into the land of freedom, the home of the braves.
I really wanted to be a part of the American hearts.
The rest is history in my life as an American Senior Citizen lady.
My advice is to take good care of your children, because they will become adults in no time. Teach them good things, good manners, to love and respect others, also respect conservation, mother nature, animals and wildlife. We are all mortal beings, feeble passengers of time. So, I wish to make a real difference between life and death, and serve the Lord for a good purpose in my passing life in the world before I DIE...
My Life Stories -as I was told, and as far as I remember. My maternal grandparents, the parents of my mother, were European Immigrants. They got married and had 4 children, my mom was their youngest baby. My grandmother was born in 1885 in Genova, Northern Italy, and her parents were cousins. They had 14 children, and my grandmom was their eldest child. My maternal grandfather, the father of my mother, was born in Switzerland in 1878 in the City of Vevey, Canton of Vaud. He spoke French and Italian as well. His father was Italian from Genova. His mother was German- Swiss. He grew up in Switzerland as a kid. My maternal grandfather was an artist painter, and studied Art in the School of Brera in Milan, Italy. He died in 1927 due to hepatocirrhosis in his liver. He used oil painting to paint his artwork. After many years working without a mask, he must have inhaled the deadly odor which damaged his liver to a deadly point. My mom was only a 2-year-old baby. Her mom, my maternal grandmother, felt emotionally devastated, and had to work hard back in those days, in the early years of the 20's century, in which women were not seeing with good eyes by people in general if ladies were not at home.
Sadly, my grandmother gave her 2-year-old baby -my mom, to her parents, my mother's grandparents. They provided all they had for my mother's upbringing. Perhaps, it wasn't enough, it wasn't the ideal situation, because my mom wanted and needed her own mom. 
My mother's maternal grandparents had 14 children, so my mom -as a child- had many aunts and uncles who played and took good care of her. At the age of 18, my mother got a job in a big store downtown, and went to visit her mom, and asked her if she could live with her. My grandmother welcomed her young daughter, who felt so happy going back to her mother's loving arms again. Unfortunately, the fact that my mom was raised by her grandparents -as a little child- not by her mom, left chronic emotional disorders, depression, severe traces in my mom's mind and heart. Now, I recall something important -when I was a child- to have seen my mom crying very often, especially after her dearest mom died, and my dad left our home for another woman. My mom felt so very depressed. I was about 9 or 10 years old back then. I remember I had asked her why she had been crying, then my mom decided to share her big secret with me. My mom had felt like an abandoned orphan most of her life, especially while living with her maternal grandparents. They only sent her to study up to Elementary School, and then learn how to become a dress-maker, and also learn embroidery techniques. After graduation in that sort of trade, she had to work for her grandparents sewing dresses and embroidery fabrics as a young teen. They did not allow her to see males, and never get married.
My dear mom kept on crying -as she was telling me her story, and I gave her a big hug to soothe her emotional breakdowns. I would comfort my mom as long as I lived with her. Then, I understood my mom's emotions and behaviour more clearly, for she had been missing her own mom. 
My mom was definetely my best friend forever! When my parents got married, they bought an apartment, and my mom took her mom with them. So, the three of them lived together, my mom, my dad and my maternal grandmom. Then, when I was born, there were four of us, my parents, my granny and me -as a baby. My granny helped my mom with my upbringing, for she had to work in the store to help pay for the mortgage and the incoming bills. Life was so hard back then. I adored my grandmom, she was the sweetest lady I had ever met in my life. She adored me too. Well, I share a pic of my grandmother and me -as a little kid for you all. Have a blessed weekend, dear family and friends!! God may bless you all.




 MEMORY LANE. (PART 2) In the old photo below, I was a tiny 5-year-old little girl with a school uniform in 1st grade at the Elementary Nun Catholic School. In fact, my 1st grade teacher was a Nun. I am sitting next to my first classmate, whom today is a Medical Doctor and Specialist in Kidneys.
"A Castle in the Hills." (Part 2) My little story written by me, Poet Starry.
I attended the same Catholic School for 12 years until graduation. Back then, I was a 17-year-old, young bilingual High School Graduate with a bright future ahead..Today and looking back, I am an American Senior Citizen. Time really flies!
Well, after my School Graduation, I registered in a Private School of Law Overseas to attend classes in the evenings, where I would study Law for the following 5 years. At that time in my young age, I wanted to become an Attorney serving for a Criminal Court as a Prosecutor, but I never did, because I was not able to graduate. You see the Prosecutor is the Court District Attorney who defends the Victims. I also took some College Courses in Natural Science for about 18 months. I learned a lot. I loved it!
Unfortunately, I did not graduate from any career of my studies. Yet, I acquired knowledge. I had to work full time in a local Bank in order to pay for my College studies, plus be able to acquire books, college material needed, and help to pay for my mother's bills. You see it was a huge responsibility on my young shoulders to bear alone. Sadly, my father did not want to pay for my College Career. I was not sure whether he could not afford to pay for me, his only daughter, or he just did not care to invest in my future any longer.
Telling you the truth, it hurt me so very badly. My young life had changed completely, especially when I would surely decide to bring my knowledge elsewhere more profitable for a brighter future, pack all my suitcases and leave my dear mother's home. 
Sadly, a cruel Revolution arose in South America in those days, and over a hundred thousands young people began to disappear, vanish into thin air. They were later called, "The Missing People."
Then, I arrived in New York at the young age of 23 -saving my own life, but leaving my dear family behind. My parents would always be waiting for my return. I broke their hearts, and I regret to have done that...
So, the future would be ahead of me, and I would be the one to orquestrate and build a stairway to Heaven, not only for me, but also for my generations to come ahead. As soon as I stepped on American soil, my life would never be the same again. I fell in love with the American people and way of life! I planted my seeds, my flowers, my poems and songs, my thoughts, my true love into the land of freedom, the home of the braves.
I really wanted to be a part of the American hearts.
The rest is history in my life as an American Senior Citizen lady.
My advice is take good care of your children, because they will become adults in no time. Teach them good things, good manners, to love and respect others, also respect conservation, mother nature, animals and wildlife. We are all mortal beings, feeble passengers of time. So, I wish to make a real difference between life and death, and serve the Lord for a good purpose in my passing life in the world before I DIE...

Author: Poet Starry.



MEMORY LANE (PART 1) In the old photo below, I was a tiny 5-year-old little girl with a school uniform in 1st grade at the Elementary Nun Catholic School. In fact, my 1st grade teacher was a Nun, and I was holding her hand in this picture...
"A Castle in the Hills." (Part 1) 
My little story written by me, Poet Starry.
Since each of us carry a baggage, the load of a personal history, and our burdens, we may develop certain connections according to our personal views or moral values. I have been trying to share a self-portrait with my online readers and friends, in order to get to know me a little bit...
In the old days -as far as I can remember- when I was a little girl, even before School days, I lived in a big city with my dear mom and my Italian grandmom, the mom of my mom, mainly just the three of us, because my dad was usually working long hours away from home. But, Sundays were daddy's days, so I luckily spent Sundays with my dad...
One of my favourite outing with my dad was going to the Zoo to see the animals. I loved all, but the majestic ones were special, such as elephants, lions, tigers and wolves.
As a kid, I used to gape often through the glass wall in our apartment on the second floor. I was completely puzzled back then, just to see so many horses in the city streets pulling wagons to bring veggies, fruits, small livestock, and other goods for the peddlers to the farmer's market placed on the sides of the park across the street from our apartment.
People gathered there in a rush to buy cheap items and food. I was astonished and sad -at the same time- to see tired working horses and other animals which were brought to the fair.
My young heart would begin to experience new feelings, and would be left astray watching people's greedy hearts.
The fair was taken place on weekends. So, I would hear the hooves on the trotting tired stallions pulling the wagons as they approached the streets in our neighborhood. Then, I would rush to the glass wall to gape at the feast. Well, I still watch out the window when I hear animals coming.
As a little girl, I could not help but feeling hurt inside for whatever my young eyes would have to watch every weekend. The good and the bad things were passing right in front of my child's eyes, and those visions would leave emotional and everlasting traces in my heart.
You see, I was alone playing with my few toys, bears and dolls. I come from a European ancestry with artists and musicians on both sides of my family. I was born a dreamer, an artist, a pro-life living being with all sort of good deeds inside my young heart. So, it was dreadful for me to catch a glimpse of those shattered, horrible, corrupted, bloody memories of my childhood with so many things going in the wrong way. It is hard to explain in details what I have seen as a child, for it hurts so badly! My world was rather small back then, no siblings, yet I began to dream in expanding my world as an adult to other greater ventures with high goals and lasting moral values some place else...
As a little child, I began to think that those kind of grown-up adults would never become my role models, for they were corrupted and dreadful to my eyes. In fact, in my childhood, I began to develop the first outlines of my present philosophy of life. Since my early childhood, I dreamed of living on top of the mountains surrounded by nature, birds and other precious animals. Perhaps, I was dreaming of living in a castle on the hills, a bluish yonder hill intimately entwined with the valley below. So, I would feel like "The Queen of the Earth."
I could hear the gallop of those stallions flying freely in the blue horizon, and I could still hear my throbbing heart gazing out the window, or even imagine myself on top of the mountain.

Author: Poet Starry.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...
MY PHOTO POEM by STARRY. (Click to Enlarge!)
Have a blessed day each & everyone!
Until we write again...
Poet Starry.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I was a sick little girl as far as I can remember since my early childhood. The worst part that took place in my little body was diseases related with my throat and lungs, such as bronchitis, laryngitis, and then the deadly asthma attacks. I could not breathe! My mom was desperate. She took great care of me day and night. I still see in my mind my dear mom next to my bed crying for her child and praying for me. My mom did NOT LET ME DIE!! Doctors were coming and going every day in my home. All sort of medications, injections, nebulizations, inhalers, you name it, I had it... Doctors had no clues what was wrong with me, for they were still dwelling in the Stone Age with poor knowledge. At the age of 10, my mom met a good Physician specialized in Asthma and Allergy. His name was Dr. Bernard Steinberg. So, he discovered that I got a severe case of allergy, and my bronchial asthma was triggered by certain allergens, which caused allergic asthma attacks.

My Immune System was also rather low, and I caught the germs spread out in the air which triggered my dreadful disease. So, the wise medical doctor began a special treatment for me with vaccines applied with small injections in my arms every week. It was called IMMUNIZATION. He gave bad news to my dear mom. Her child would suffer and carry the chronic disease over her lifetime, and she would have to take good care of herself as long as she lived. My poor mom never stopped worrying and crying for me. Sadly, I broke her heart, but it was not my fault, 
for I was born carrying the genes of allergy in that way...
At a young age -in High School, I was so eager to reach my inner goals, enthusiastic to learn lots of things and edify a solid foundation for my spirit and my life. JESUS, MY LORD & SAVIOR, SHOWED ME THE WAY, and He was MY ONLY LEADER.
I had to cross many obstacles, bridges, rocks and mountains to reach my final destination. Many times, I found myself swimming in a sea with the broken pieces of my heart. It was so hard to keep afloat. Life was indeed, so hard for me!! So, I had to put all the pieces back, and start all over again from scratch.
Then, my life went on until the years turned into my old age, so I got to drift the sailboat and begin a brand-new journey. I felt the weight of water under my feet, and the pain overloaded my back. I felt as if a train had run all over me. I felt my body and bones so heavy as if they were stones, and fatigue was overwhelming. My heartbeats galloped too fast like in horse races. I was then, out of breath with another asthma attack...
Well, now, I am tired and RETIRED. I can hardly believe I am still ALIVE.

God's Peace be with each and everyone.

Author:  Poet Starry.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Cecil, the Lion: The killing that Enraged the Internet, Explained.

The lion pictured above was named Cecil, and he lived in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. In early July, an American Dentist named Walter James Palmer lured him out of the park and shot him with a crossbow. Palmer tracked the wounded lion for 40 more hours before finally shooting and killing him.
Since Cecil's story was widely reported this week, it's taken over the internet. It also gets at some surprising issue about the economics and ethics of big-game hunting and wildlife conservation — in Zimbabwe and globally. Here's a guide to a tragedy — and what it means.
1) What happened to Cecil?
The details of Cecil's killing are disturbing — and they're important for understanding why this has become such a controversy.
Hwange National Park is a "free roam" zone under Zimbabwean law, which means that hunting isn't allowed in the park and killing Cecil inside of it would have been illegal.
When Walter James Palmer, a Dentist from Minnesota, went to Zimbabwe in July, he found a way around this law. According to the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority, two locals are facing charges for assisting in Cecil's killing: a hunter identified as Theo Bronkhorst and a local farmer identified as Honest Trymore Ndlovu.
The three of them strapped an animal carcass to a car they parked outside Hwange, on Ndlovu's farm, as bait to draw out Cecil. Once Cecil left the park, it became theoretically legal to shoot him, which Palmer did, with a crossbow.
The arrow only wounded the lion. Palmer stalked him for 40 hours, and then shot him again, this time with a rifle. Then Palmer, Bronkhorst, and Ndlovu skinned his corpse and cut off his head.
The whole experience allegedly cost Palmer around $50,000.
2) How did this become such a big deal?
Part of the outrage comes from the sheer brutality of the facts, and the cynical way that Palmer seems to have gotten around Zimbabwean law.
But that's not enough to explain the surge of outrage. Big-game hunting is by definition stalking, killing, and skinning beautiful animals like lions, and it happens all the time. This case was clearly different.
Here's why: Cecil was a particularly high-profile lion. He was something of a mascot for Hwange National Park and beloved around Zimbabwe for his distinctive black mane. The Guardian describes him as "one of Africa’s most famous lions and the star attraction at the Hwange national park."
Killing him feels like a violation, and robbing Zimbabweans of this beloved symbol seems particularly ugly — not to mention a disturbing echo of colonial-era practices of robbing sub-Saharan Africans of their heritage and natural resources.
Cecil had an international profile, as well. He was part of an Oxford University study on lion conservation in Zimbabwe, and Oxford's researchers were happy to speak to the press after the news broke.
"It's not many months ago that I watched Cecil with my hand on my heart as he strayed toward a hunting concession," professor David Macdonald, founding director of Oxford'sWildlife Conservation Research Unit, told CNN. "On that occasion he turned back into the protection of the park, but this time he made a fatal mistake and I feel deeply sad, personally."
3) Was killing Cecil illegal?
That's contested. The Zimbabwean government insists it was illegal; Palmer says it was legal.
Killing lions isn't illegal in Zimbabwe, necessarily. The question is whether you have the appropriate permission to hunt.
The Zimbabwean government says Palmer didn't. Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirms that they've arrested Bronkhorst and Ndlovu on poaching charges, and that Palmer is now wanted as well.
According to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, which issues hunting permits, Ndlovu did not have permission to hunt a lion on his farm. Therefore, any lion killing was illegal, and any participant is a poacher.
Bronkhorst has said they didn't know that the lion they killed was Cecil, and that all of their permits were in order. "It was a magnificent, mature lion. We did not know it was [a] well-known lion. I had a license for my client to shoot a lion with a bow and arrow in the area where it was shot," he told the Telegraph.
Palmer insists on his innocence. "I hired several professional guides and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted," he said in a statement to the Minnesota Star-Tribune. "I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt."
4) How angry are people?
Very. Ryan Broderick has a really good rundown in the internet rage so far. It includes:
• Flooding Palmer's office's Yelp and Facebook page with negative reviews and angry comments.
• A petition — signed by more than 77,000 people — for "Justice for Cecil." The petitioners call on Zimbabwe to "to stop issuing hunting permits to kill endangered animals!"
Palmer expressed a measure of remorse in his statement. "I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion," he said.
5) Is Cecil's killing part of a bigger problem?
Yes. "Nearly a century ago an estimated 200,000 lions roamed across Africa," National Geographic's Brian Clark Howard reports. "Now there are less than 30,000, and they are considered highly vulnerable."
The biggest problem, according to a 2012 study coordinated by Duke Universityresearchers, is loss of habitat. The more human populations expand, the less space lions have to roam and hunt. Moreover, it brings human and lion populations into contact, making humans more likely to kill them.
"Hunting areas are extensive, so the fate of lions depends on how well user-communities manage them," the 2012 study concluded. In other words, keeping the world's already frail lion populations from getting much smaller will require the world to carefully and responsibly manage those populations. That didn't really happen here.
Cecil's killing is clearly something that Zimbabwe's wildlife conservation policy intended to prevent. That failure here speaks to the larger failures to protect global lion populations.
6) Is legal hunting always bad for lions?
There is a live debate among conservation experts about this. Some argue that legal, regulated big-game hunting is a good way to preserve endangered species as a whole, even at the cost of individual animal lives.
Jason Goldman, writing in Conservation Magazine, has a really good rundown of the case for big-game hunting. One argument is essentially taxation: If the government takes a cut of the money spent on legal safaris and devotes it to conservation efforts, they'll be able to spend more money on the root causes of lion decline.
Another, perhaps stronger argument is that profitable, legal hunting makes people more likely to protect animals. Nigel Leader-Williams, a professor at the University of Cambridge, led a study on rhinoceros hunting in South Africa. It found that legal hunting made landowners more likely to protect rhinos, which had just become a lucrative and renewable natural resource. The resulting gains in population dramatically outweighed the numbers lost to hunters. Leader-Williams also found something similar in Zimbabwe: "Implementing trophy hunting has doubled the area of the country under wildlife management relative to the 13% in state protected areas."
But the story may be different when it comes to lions, and particularly the lions at Hwange National Park, where Cecil was.
Two of the Oxford researchers who were tracking Cecil, Andrew Loveridge and David Macdonald, looked at the effect of legal lion hunting outside of Hwange National Park on lion populations inside the park. They found evidence that the existence of legal hunting hurt the population inside the park: "Each removal of a male lion by hunters on the borders of the park created a ‘territorial vacuum’ which drew males from further inside the protected area into boundary areas, where they too became vulnerable to hunters."
After the research, Zimbabwe suspended lion hunting around the park until 2009 — and the population went up by 50 percent. Since 2009, hunting around Hwange has been reintroduced, but is more limited.
These academic debates are important, but they only speak to the efficacy of legal animal hunting in general. All of this is moot if Palmer and his accomplices acted illegally or if Zimbabwe is mishandling its lion conservation efforts. Legal hunting to promote conservation doesn't really work if the hunting is poorly managed or if hunters just break or circumvent the laws.
7) What will happen to Cecil's family now?
This part is depressing. Cecil led two prides, totaling six lionesses and 12 cubs, along with another male, Jericho. Without Cecil, the family is in serious trouble, as male lions are generally tasked with protecting prides from other lions.
"Jericho as a single male will be unable to defend the two prides and cubs from new males that invade the territory," Loveridge, the Oxford researcher, warned the Telegraph. "This is what we most often see happening in these cases. Infanticide is the most likely outcome."


Monday, June 15, 2015


An Advocate for Wildlife and Nature Conservation, I often write Online posts, articles, stories, reports, news, themes, paragraphs, and so on about Wildlife, Habitat and Nature. You see Life on Earth appeared for real long before humans. Humans have done a great impact and damaged the Earth a great deal since they appeared on this Planet. "Nature & Wildlife Conservation is the Great Challenge of Our Time." Human beings are imposing the great death, mass extinction of Earth's creatures. We -as Animal & Nature Advocates- respond by Volunteering to help specialists acquire information, and repair damaged and invaded ecosystems. Effective response requires current information such as Newsletters that could be shared on social media. Newsletters are sources which may report issues on relevant subjects.
You are welcome to share our Newsletters and sources of relevant Information about Wildlife & Nature Conservation.
If you wish to write your comments and/or contact us, you are blessed to do so.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HI! You are invited for a virtual lunch.


You are invited for lunch with us. You'll have a memorable experience. You may have the choice to ask for a special request of flavours on our special delicious menu. What would you like to order? We shall please you for sure... We -together- could find solutions to many serious problems in the world. We could talk it over at lunch time... Are you coming over for lunch with us? Can we count on you?... 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!!

Memorial Day. For some people, it’s a three-day reprieve from the office grind. For others, it’s a time to remember family and friends who gave their lives in service of their country. For the nation, it signifies the sacrifices that countless men and women have made to sustain the American Dream.
Here are nine things you might not know about Memorial Day:
1. It began after the Civil War: Due to the mass casualties caused by the Civil War, the burying and memorializing of the dead took on special significance for the citizens of the newly united America. Memorial Day grew out of the tradition of decorating the graves of these fallen soldiers with flowers.
2. No one knows who was first: Multiple cities claim to be the birthplace of the Memorial Day tradition. Savannah, Georgia; Warrenton, Virginia; Boalsburg, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbus, Mississippi; Carbondale, Illinois; and Columbus, Georgia all claim to have had a hand in the very first Memorial Day celebration. In May of 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued a proclamation that made Waterloo, New York the official origin point of the holiday.
3. It wasn’t always “Memorial Day:” For many years, the holiday commemorating fallen American soldiers was referred to as “Decoration Day.” The name was officially changed to “Memorial Day” in 1967.
4. Women played a big role: Memorial Day may have begun as a way to honor male Civil War soldiers who’d died in battle, but it was the women they left behind who helped inspire the idea behind the holiday.
5. Three-day weekends are required by law: Memorial Day was originally celebrated on May 30th. But the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968 changed the official observance dates of Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day and Washington’s Birthday (eventually President’s Day) from their actual dates to specific Mondays throughout the year, creating the fabulous three-day weekends we all enjoy.
6. Flag at half-mast for half the day: Surprisingly, the American flag only spends half of Memorial Day at half-mast. The first half of the day is dedicated to honoring those who have fallen in service to their country. Then, after noon, the flag is raised in order to symbolize the indomitable American spirit and commitment to fighting for freedom and justice.
7. Indy 500: Since 1911, the Indianapolis 500 has been held on the Sunday before Memorial Day.
8. Flowers for those who fought: The National American Legion designated the poppy as their official symbol of remembrance in 1920. An iconic World War I poem entitled “In Flanders Fields,” which referenced the poppies that sprung up in between the graves of fallen soldiers on a battlefield in France, is said to have led to the widespread adoption of the poppy as a memorial icon by multiple countries.
9. A nationwide moment of silence: In 2000, the “National Moment of Remembrance Act,” officially designated 3:00 pm local time on Memorial Day as a minute of silent remembrance in honor of those who’ve fallen in service to their country.
Memorial Day is about honoring the deceased, but it can also be a time to reflect on how well we’re attending to the needs of the living veterans who fought alongside their now-fallen brethren.

Saturday, May 9, 2015



It´s Mother's Day & Time. I miss my dear mother!!
She had the gentlest heart.
Mountains or all may crumble into the sea,
But she stays on my mind, where she won´t ever part.
Melodies of grace, I hear her singing.
She dwells in Heaven with the Lord,
On Mother's Day and all year round.
Love would be all for my upbringing,
For I truly was the gem of her eyes.
Mother is in tune with the Angels´s Choir.
I remember mother´s sweet voice,
Singing Gospel songs on Sundays
With auntie at the piano in a Church Mass.
As my life will pass,…
I stand now watching the prairies' trees,
Imagining the domain of Lord´s Heavenly Kingdom
With my mother in choir singing in the breeze,
As I shed my lonely tears over the mantelpiece.
Golden songs, bright Angels play.
The moonlight reflects upon the bay.
The gentle breeze touches the trees.
The scent of pines and morning dew
Moisten –softly- all blossoms and leaves.
My mother´s virtues were the best collection
Of all poems, songs and flowers.
Her deep celestial life rests in colorful rainbows,
With Heavenly wings and blessing´s showers.
All beauties sparkle, lovely nature´s wonders
And carol songs bring her ways and memories back.
I miss my dear mother, the jewels of her art.
My mother had indeed, the gentlest heart.


Monday, May 4, 2015



Thursday, March 26, 2015


In the early morning hours on Wednesday, March 25th of 2015, my dear cat, Sonya was taken to the Vet's Clinic. 
She was badly bleeding, blood coming from her blind right eye.
Nothing was possibly done. Sonya had Skin Cancer, a terminal illness very fast and deadly, which is called "Malignant Carcinoma of Squamous Cells."
Her cancer was located on the right side of her face, behind her blind right eye, her right cheek and lower jaw, which was previously amputated. Her tongue kept falling out of the gap between her upper jaw and the lower one.
It was very sad seeing her in this way!
Sadly, things got worse for her in the last 24 hours. Her blind right eye was still swelling, protruding, and badly bleedling, as if her tears of blood were falling out...
It was terribly sad realizing that she was suffering so much pain in this way.

I'll share some pictures of her transition throughout her lifetime.
Sonya's last days looking at her toys...
Her twin sister, Chitta, and her many furry friends
welcomed Sonya with open arms.
I am unable to describe or give details of her last days, because
I am completely devastated.
I could easily go blind in tears at all times.
My heartbeats went all the way with Sonya's departure.
You see I am grieving so much, because I lost my best furry friend, the one who gave me her true unconditional and healing love, something that humans have never done.
Perhaps, there might be many folks who may not understand me, and/or my feelings towards pets, especially those who don't like animals,
or don't care much for them.

I am sorry, but I shall be going OFFLINE for awhile from this moment on.
Of course, I'll still read and write Emails to my loved ones.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Have a Happy Spring Season, Dear Readers!

Have a Happy Spring Season, Dear Readers!
Hope, Peace & Love,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"How to Deal with the Empty Nest?" I still do Not Know...

"How to Deal with the Empty Nest?" I still do Not Know...
Hope, Strength, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry Dawn.