Thanks for the Gift of Life!!

Creations of the heart are blooming like flowers in the field.

The wonders of nature are entwined everywhere.

My spirit overflows. Footprints of the piper are sealed

In the pristine dunes while the echo of the wind

Unfolds whispering melodies.

Dreamland begins to roam freely...

Hear me coming as I go.

I am the wind, the trip into the mist, the sea...

Hear the echo of voices, the heartbeats of waves crushing

On the sand, as I leave my footprints on the land.

Hear the roaring thunder, for my crying is just a reminder.

Please, let the world be and set them all free!!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Let Me Introduce Myself... This is "STARRY" a long time ago...
The year 2010 will soon be over. The year 2011 is soon coming up with its new adventures and surprises in our future, if there is any ahead. The past is history, the future is uncertain, unknown and certainly not promised. So, we only have today. Let's make the best of it!!
I am so happy to receive new followers with new wonderful faces decorating my artistic world with new poetical inspirations. I am truly motivated and thrilled!! It makes me feel that whatever I write is worth to read or it's meaningful to others.
Lasting moral values are my final goals.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself, in order for you to get to know me a little better. I travel overseas bringing my stories and deeds to every corner where my soul reaches. I used to teach American English to foreign learners overseas. I am not teaching at this point. My writings and other good deeds are taking my full time activity nowadays. I am a Christian mother and a grandmother. I am also a Conservationist of Our Natural Environment. I am an Animal Lover, and an Animal's Advocate. I defend human rights and animal's rights. I follow my dreams for my remaining time on Earth, in order to fulfill God's plan for me in this world. I try to make the best of every day, for today is the only day I have in my hands. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I thank the Lord to grant me a brand new day, a fresh new starting point with new good things to do. I love to help others in need. I am not the same lady that I used to be many years ago. I have changed to become a mature woman, a mom and a grandmom. I struggled for survival so much, especially when I was younger. I consider myself a brave woman...
I was a SURVIVOR, a VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, MENTAL & PHYSICAL ABUSE & CRUELTY. When that happened, I had my only child, my baby daughter who I personally saved and protected in order not to become another victim of domestic violence and child abuse. I have developed a way to reach the world with my words out. I use my poetry, stories, songs, thoughts, inner reflections and other topics of interest to reach people's hearts out there and make a difference in someone else's life, especially if there is a victim of cruelty or domestic violence involved. I try to make a difference for humans and animals as well. Well, that is just the beginning about me. You may read my other blogs, if you want to. They are all posted in my profile, if you wish to visit all my blogs. When I have something meaningful to say, I write a post in all my blogs. I am also an active member of three American Forums. Two of them are Forums for Poetry, Stories and Christian Music. The other one is a Christian American Forum with Bible Studies and other wonderful related topics.
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IanH said...

Starry, thanks for sharing. I hope that you have a great and wondrous new year

Rick Watson said...

Have a great New Year Starry.

Anonymous said...

Ian and Life 101,
Thank you for sharing your best wishes for the New Year!!
Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones!!
It seems like a always get the anonymous one...
God bless, and All the Best,
Starry Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I mean, it seems like I always get the anonymous one... Now, I corrected it, because I made a spelling mistake.
Have a wondrous new year too!!
Starry Dawn.